James bond poker scene

james bond poker scene

Did Bond treated full aces of kings as a bluffcatcher? LOL. YOU KILL IM JAMES. the director and producer. Last game of the poker tournament in the movie Casino Royale (), in which Daniel Craig aka James Bond beats the bad guy Le Chiffre and grabs $. If you like this video please tweet this "give @andsoismywife a break # cityjetbreaks" And help me win this!. I can understand the check and the lack of confidence in his set on eights on the turn, but still, leaving himself with just five bigs in a situation like this will never be a winning play. RyanBowk on 25 March, - Permalink reply. Plenty of people fold full houses, especially in tournament play. Typically 4 handed, he absolutely made the right play. Not only that, you come out and say someone has to be "PSYCHIC" to make a fold like that. The preflops didn't raise since they were the last 2 to act, and I'm guessing there was already a raise.

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LeChiffre HAS TO KNOW that Bond has at least a full house, since we know Bond's line. And I don't understand how some Redditors are saying, "Are you kidding? Hands down the biggest problem I had with the film. He flops aces and sixes. Action is then on Le Chiffre , the central antagonist of the film. It's a plot hole to me because I couldn't understand how a supposed poker master could play so poorly. It's crazy that there are still four players after the flop and the players' positions. The Roger Moore Silhouette. The chances of a fourth Ace being in play, and Bond of all people having it is even lower. Try it out for yourself. Instead, he called a triple all-in -- including one that covered him -- with the 2nd-best boat and 4th best possible hand. If Mike's thinking clearly, he would realize exactly what you said. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. Almost any ace is playable. Seriously, everyone on the table is all-in, you're facing literally life and death Quite a donk move. There are at least 2 strong preflop hands with 4-way action: I mean, at least Archer got that part right by throwing him to the Baccarat tables. What he should have done is put http://www.sueddeutsche.de/gesundheit/der-naechste-bitte-diagnosemoeglichkeiten-und-therapie-von-alzheimer-1.2265186 feeler bet of about after the turn, you can get http://www.healthhype.com/category/addiction-alcohol-drugs-smoking idea of where you are that way. Now, it's the Japanese guy's turn to be an idiot. Having a consultant on hand doesn't magically guarantee realism. Bowling pc spiel Knight Harvest moon ds casino freischalten - Joseph Gordon Levitt character, and the stock exchange scene. We just know that Gutenrutsch has a strong hand, one so strong that he's confident he can beat TWO dungeons and dragons play ins AND face LeChiffre's . Therefore Bond is likely to be bluffing. Almost any ace is playable. Remembering Magie merkur online Fleming and the Creation of the Bond Lifestyle. Le Chifre attempts to regain the lost ground after his stock market speculation was spoiled by On the other hand the winning chances of Le Chiffre drop at this stage. He pushed with an AAKKK and lost to 4 of a kind. Plenty of people fold full houses, especially in tournament play.

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